Who we are

A 55 years old business, BLHL, is one of the world’s most distinguished & significant manufacturers of handmade heritage lanterns, furniture & accessories. We have the capability to facsimile any heritage lanterns, furniture & accessories of various types as 19th and 20th century English, French, Georgian, Gothic, Victorian and so on also entailing any kind of color. The journey started with the hand of a 10 years old boy, our founder Mr. Mohsin when he first saw brass being molded. Soon some magnificent lanterns were introduced by the “Bangladesh Handicrafts”. The dream spread to Charles Edwards (UK), Vaughan Designs (UK), Darnier & Hamlyn (UK), Hector Finch Lighting (UK), Tyson Limited (UK), L Armada (France), Veranda Lighting (Singapore), Light on Landscape (Melbourne, Australia), and Magins Classical Lighting (Sydney, Australia) and still continues.

What we do

We specialize in rebuilding 19th and 20th century Gothic, Georgian and Victorian lanterns. BLHL only deals with metals such as brass, copper, zinc, cast iron, etc. The major part of the production runs on wall lanterns, hanging lanterns, ceiling lanterns, outdoor lanterns like gatepost lanterns, gardens & street lanterns, lake & pond lanterns, floor & table lamps, toilet & picture lights, and many more as per customer demands. In addition, we produce canopies, chains, pendants, wall brackets to support the lanterns. We also manufacture toilet accessories such as towel racks, toilet paper holders, soap case, towel rod, etc. Alongside, there are verities of options for coat hangers, single/multi hooks, hanger rods, furniture & fixture as customization demand of our honorable clients.

These lanterns, furniture & accessories are 80-90% handmade and given by immense care and expertise in making which adds unique values to those. The finishing comes with unique antique colors including regular, copper & dark finish in bronze, shiny, satin, matt in nickel, ash/grey, brushed zinc, antique & polished brass, shinny & matt in copper, regular verdigris and so on. Our products are enriched by glasses that include any kind of flat or bend glasses, plain with beveled, frosted with beveled, seeded & cracked, frosted, and else, Pyrex as demands. The art behind each splendid design lays extensive knowledge & efforts of skilled workers. From the very beginning of 1965 are exporting in different countries of the world.

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