Bringing Heritage Into Light

“Bangladesh Luxury Handcrafts Limited (BLHL)” is the world-leading and prominent manufactures& reproducer of handmade heritage lanterns. Having the aptitude and flair to make any style of lanterns led “Bangladesh Luxury Handcraft Limited (BLHL)” to a new level.


Mr. Mohsin, a visionary in the making, recognized that there is a great future for handmade heritage lanterns. when at the tender age of just 10 that he noticed brass being molded in his home country, Bangladesh. Since 1965, he, together with his skillful and experienced team of dedicated craftsmen, has taken Luxury Handicrafts Limited (BLHL) as one of the leading and prominent manufactures and reproducers of handmade heritage lanterns in the world. Well over four decades, having the aptitude and flair in making some very exclusive, international standard, guaranteed, stylish, luxurious, top quality lanterns, “Bangladesh Luxury Handicraft Limited (BLHL)” is serving its customers to their utmost satisfaction. Our founder, Mr. Mohsin, over the years has analyzed and studied very thoroughly the culture, tradition, passion, and demands of the people of the 19th and 20th centuries in Europe and the USA.

Mr. Mohsin – Founder

His passion, desire, and commitment helped him connect well with top-level businesses and BLHL became the prime supplier to some of Europe’s best of the best – such as the Charles Edwards, Vaughan Designs, Hector Finch Lighting, Tyson Limited, L Armada, together with Australia and Asia Light on Landscape (Melbourne, Australia), and Margins Classical Lighting (Sydney, Australia) Veranda Lighting (Singapore), and so on. Today, we stand out in the relevant marketplace as a top-level, high-quality performer because we invested money, energy, time, and most importantly have listened to our customers about what really they wanted.  We also have had knowledgeable and very experienced craftsmen from the UK, working for us, here in Bangladesh.  These magicians had also trained our local craftsmen, the signature finishing quality, and the high standard of products that we make now.


We specialize in rebuilding 19th and 20th century Gothic, Georgian and Victorian lanterns.  At Blhl we use metals such as brass, copper, zinc, cast iron, etc. The major part of the production runs on wall lanterns, hanging lanterns, ceiling lanterns, and various other lanterns made for the outdoors. In addition, we produce canopies, chains, pendants, wall brackets to support the lanterns. We also manufacture toilet accessories such as towel racks, toilet paper holders, soap cases, towel rods, etc. Alongside, there are verities of options for coat hangers, single/multi hooks, hanger rods, furniture & fixture as custom-made of 100% brass.

Features and finishing

The finishing comes with unique antique colors including regular, copper and dark finish in bronze, shiny, satin and matte in nickel, regular ash/grey, brushed& faux in zinc, antique and polished brass, Shiny & matt in copper and regular verdigris as well as many more to choose from. Our products are enriched with glass that includes all types of flat/bent glass, plain/frosted with beveled, seeded and cracked, and more as per the client’s requirements and choices.

Production & Authenticity

Bangladesh Luxury Handicrafts LTD (BLHL) takes great pride and care not just in manufacturing luxurious and exclusive lighting but authentic, great and appealing pieces of art! We aspire and simply enjoy continuously improvement and customer satisfaction by maintaining design, quality, timing and after-sales care. Usually, our production runs on regular orders but there is also a great opportunity for the clients to get special pieces ‘Made to Order’.

Our Dedicated Team

BLHL consists of a proud team of 75 fully efficient, experienced, and dedicated employees, directed and managed by four collaborating departmental heads and general manager. Our devoted craftsmen have the working experience of at least 10 to a maximum of 45 years in this industry. BLHL Company strictly follows the local and international labor acts guidelines health and safety and ensures a proper working and growing environment. In addition, we provide our colleagues with basic necessities and medical facilities within.


Above and beyond the experts, to make sure the extreme finishing and customer satisfaction, we consist of every conceivable modern machinery in our premises. Cutting and bending machines, ball press, grinding machines, lathe and spinner machines, Drill machines, Gash welding, soldering machines, vice table, polish machine for production, Compressor machine for colors are such of our assets as well.

Why BLHL is Your Prime Choice?

We are certain in captivating challenges with heritage and history to most updated designs, production techniques, and finishes. Researches and experiments with all possible materials, shapes, and textures are done according to the demand of the time and our valued customers. BLHL is highly committed to providing quality products at a very reasonable price, in comparison with other manufacturers throughout the world.

Along with these extraordinary designs, the performance of this magnificence is legally regulated. The lanterns made to be fit in the outdoor, washroom, or any wet area are ensured with an IP44 rating to make sure no water leakage is in it. The GSP certificate is also provided with the products, especially for the European market.

Our ‘A’ category lamp holder with earth terminals is used such as bayonet cap lamp holders, cord grip and batten brass lamp holders, Edison screw brass lamp holders to maintain the regulation of first world countries. Specific cable and wooden crates are ensured for the Australian market. BLHL is now working with enormous sensitivity for the development of respective products to meet 100% customer satisfaction and mostly the comfort of use.

Payment Policy

BLHL offers a 100% sight irrecoverable letter of credit(LC) or TT payment.

Banking Details as follows
Account Name: Bangladesh Luxury Handicrafts Ltd.
Account Number: 1505204263951001
Bank Name: Brac Bank Ltd
Bank Address: Motijheel Corporate Branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Time Limitation

As our products are all handmade, the time of manufacture may vary from at least 4(four) weeks to up to 16 (Sixteen) weeks. In cases of special need manufactures may take extra-long hours to be completed.

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