Jute Products

Jute, the golden fiber of Bangladesh is now the top exporting products of this Country. Here in Bangladesh, the land is so fertile to produce the best quality Jute ever around the world. Likewise, the cost of production is identically low. Cheap but skilled labor is also available. Which enhancing the export quantity of this country greater every day. BLHL is one of the largest exporters of this jute product in Bangladesh who has the competence of manufacture products of any design & extent as per customer requirements. BLHL makes sure the quality of the products remains finest.

Jute products are gaining fame & recognition around the world as it is natural and long-lasting, both at a time, in the era of plastic elimination. The usage of jute products is home décor is also swelling. Skilled workers used to create all kinds of bags, packages (school bags, college bags, executive bags, casual bags, etc), dolls, toys, and handicrafts items out of it. And through us, now, it’s reaching out the corners of the glove.

We, BLHL Commenced its journey with a global vision with a team of professionals has put together a new concept which provides a complete integrated service, is handling the overseas export of Jute products manufactured by our associate Jute Mills in Bangladesh, having complete control over production capacity and enjoying a high performance and unique reputation at home and abroad.

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